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Dr. Winfried Meining

 I am a chemist by education, moved on first to biochemistry and electron microscopy, and later to X-ray crystallography. I determined structures of various proteins, in particular enzymes and participated in many studies with focus on structural biochemistry. An overview of my scientific work, in particular all my publications can be seen on my Research gate profile.

I created the data management system XtalBase, which has midwhile developed to the widely applicable laboratory and teaching management system DAYDABASE. This system was first designed for people dealing with crystallization and X-ray crystallographic data. Later on I used the same interface for the administration of a 12 weeks practical in biochemistry. In 2012 I founded my own business based on this system with the aim to assist science teachers and researchers in the administration of their data. The system is capable of managing scientific and teaching data, and it helps organizing the daily work of researchers by a variety of tools. DAYDABASE is available through the DAYDA.NET website.

A current CV is available on my Xing and LinkedIn profiles.

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